BD Clean is an expert team of car maintenance professionals with years of experience in the industry and a reputation that proceeds itself. Based in the heart of Birmingham our company is dedicated to providing all of the detailing products that are required by car enthusiasts who are eager to keep their vehicle clean and dedicated to making it look as good as new.

Our Aim:

Our objectives have always been clear and simple. We set out to design and develop a range of high quality, robust detailing products, a complete car maintenance kit that is easy to use and effective. We strived to design detailing products that can be used on every day cars, along with vinyl wrapped cars and to include matt, matt black and gloss solutions. With our collective knowledge and skills, we did just this, we created a whole new family of car maintenance products that we cannot wait for you to meet.

We appreciate that the work does not stop there though, we are continually looking for innovative ways to improve your car maintenance experience and enhance the look of your vehicle and will continue to release new and exciting detailing products. We welcome feedback from our valued customers with regards to our products and how we can either improve upon them or add to our ever growing collection.

Our Detailing Products:

With an abundance of experience and a wealth of education in the car maintenance industry, our team of specialists have worked together to design a completely new and unique family of products. In the design and creation of our detailing products we were meticulous to detail, using the finest quality ingredients and best proven recipes to create solutions that would work effectively and efficiently, that would be both easy and safe to use.

After creating our wonderful new family of car maintenance products we then spent two years rigorously testing them all, ensuring that they not only do their job to a very high standard but are also completely safe to use on all types of painted vehicles and vinyl wrapped cars. Before releasing our detailing products, we made sure we tested them on 3m, Avery, Hexis and Arlon to ensure that they would cause absolutely no damage to the paintwork or vinyl wrapping. We also made sure that they cleaned the surface well, and the maintenance of the car was not compromised as a result of the paintwork being more sensitive.

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