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Paint protection is a high-quality protection coating we apply to paint.  We do cars, bikes, boats, planes, swimming pools, helicopters, and many other applications.

The main purpose of a paint-protection is to avoid dirt to set in in the paint. Greatest Garages is a trained company in the application of these products. We import, sell and apply these products.

There are some product details and characteristics you need to know.

  1. GG 2K Paint Coating (dual layer of paint-protection in a 2 component application process application best on gloss)
  2. Glass Coating (a sophisticated high tech nanolayer of paint-protection, the application can be gloss or matt)
  3. PPF Paint Protection (A translucent Vinyl coating to protect your paint to light stone chipping, the application can be gloss or matt)

It is of importance if you ask our GG Team for a free advice. There every car and owner, use and exclusivity need a different treatment. A combination is the most effective and bespoke way of protecting your car. In this case, we apply the best Glass-coating in 2 layers, Ultralight Paint correction afterward and then we Apply the GG 2K Paint Coating. On top, we can protect the front of the car with a PPF Film.

Detailing Chemicals

Diamondbrite Speedy Wax 500 ml